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Bankruptcy Richmond

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If you are a resident of Richmond, British Columbia and are falling behind on monthly payments, bankruptcy may be an option to consider.

In a bankruptcy in Richmond, most of your assets are surrendered to a licensed bankruptcy trustee in exchange for the elimination of your debts. Following a bankruptcy it will be significantly more difficult to obtain credit, but most, if not all debts will be eliminated.

Anyone who owes more than $1,000 qualifies for bankruptcy in Richmond. The best candidates are those who require a rapid financial fresh start.

Trustee fees are settled by the government, but the base cost of filing depends on your family size, monthly income, and assets.

In Richmond, British Columbia, you are allowed to protect some assets from being liquidated. Your bankruptcy trustee can outline the exemptible items in Richmond.

Filing for bankruptcy can be complicated and should not be pursued alone. Contact us today for a free consultation. Our bankruptcy trustees in Richmond will evaluate your financial situation, and help you select the best possible option.

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